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The current period of lockdown has had a very serious impact on our church finances, and we will very soon have to make some tough financial decisions.


Mindful of your existing generosity we're asking for further help to tide us through this challenging period. Here are some ways you can help:


1. Our standing order donors are the financial backbone of our church, giving a regular monthly amount to St Anne's through their bank account. This is a great option as it means you don't have to remember to bring money to church -- and it gives us a reliable source of income we can really depend on. Your bank can tell you how to set this up, and the church bank account are available on request.


2. For credit cards donations online, please visit:


3. If you are part of our envelope giving scheme, please continue to fill them week by week and bring them along next time you're in church.


4. During lockdown, use an old jam jar or tin, and add to it each Sunday whatever you would normally give to the collection. When we are able to return to church bring along what you've collected -- or a cheque for the equivalent amount.


And do remember, if you are a tax payer and haven't already filled out a Gift Aid form please do so -- it allows us to claim back the tax you have paid on all your giving to St Anne's at no extra cost to you. You can request a Gift Aid form using the contact form on the Who's Who page.

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